Institute for Intercultural Study and Research (INESIN)

INESIN shares a video update on COVID-19

The Institute of Intercultural Study and Research (INESIN) is a center of study dedicated to the education and growth of the people of Chiapas.  INESIN is a civil-society organization that strives to contribute to the construction of peace in Chiapas through promotion of interreligious and intercultural dialogue in projects focusing on topics such as prevention of domestic violence, positive conflict transformation, migration, personal spiritual growth, Biblical translation, and strengthening Chiapanecan communities. We also work to unite a group of people committed to the advancement of studies related to holistic human development and the social, economic, historical and environmental context of Chiapas in order to analyze daily life, education, family, religion and work.

Their vision is that theirs would be a society in which religious and cultural diversity enriches their coexistence through bonds of justice, respect, tolerance and solidarity. INESIN does not believe or claim that all denominations should become one or lose their unique identities. They believe that diversity itself is a tangible and varied manifestation of God’s grace. Their mission is to contribute to the construction of peace in Chiapas through promotion of interreligious and intercultural dialogue. They promote relationships based on peace, tolerance and respect between Christian denominations through inter-confessional dialogue and encounter in their courses and workshops. They recognize their differences and learn that they can work in harmony to achieve common objectives such as promoting justice and working towards peace.

They focus their studies in three major areas.  The first, Theology and Spirituality, develops and builds individual and group capacity to facilitate and accompany growth in the areas of indigenous theology, personal spiritual growth, pastoral readings of the Bible, intercultural dialogue, migration, gender equality and non-violent culture from a theological and pastoral perspective.  The second area is in strengthening communities.  This area hopes to strengthen Chiapanecan communities through community group and personal capacity-building, food security, cultural regeneration, creation care, intercultural and inter-confessional dialogue, and gender equality, all to promote healthy and sustainable livelihoods and communities. The final area is in institutional advancement.  This area is important for financing the institution.  They secure the institution’s financial viability through the acquisition of national and international funds. They do so by gaining national and international recognition for the caliber of INESIN’s work, staff and facilities.

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