Congo Week 2022

Congo Week 2022

October 16-22, 2022, is Congo Week. Congo Week is an opportunity for education and celebration with Congolese siblings. This year we will learn about the situation in Eastern Congo.

Sunday, October 16

To celebrate the beginning of Congo Week we have a number of prayer and worship resources including a recorded sermon from Rev. Prof. Bosela Eale, songs from CDCC choirs, a scripture reading in Lingala, and a series of liturgies.

Monday, October 17

Our 2022 Congo Week theme focuses on the need for peace in Eastern Congo. Richie Lontulungu, a lay leader in the Community of Disciples of Christ in Congo and President of the People’s Coalition for Congo, talks about the current situation.

Tuesday, October 18

Hear from the Church of Christ in Congo (ECC), a Global Ministries partner, about their work with displaced people in Eastern Congo, in collaboration with SEPRODDIA.

The ECC also explains the current situation in Eastern Congo and its impact on the local population.

Wednesday, October 19

An estimated 64% of the world’s reserve of coltan, a natural resource that is central to the function of our cell phones and other technology, is found in Congo. Millions have died in the conflict in Eastern Congo and conflict minerals like the coltan in our technology plays a big part in fueling that conflict. Join in solidarity with Congolese people by participating in a technology fast (phone, computer, tv) for an hour today. We also challenge you to donate the same amount as your monthly cell phone bill to Global Ministries partners working for peace in Congo.

Thursday, October 20

Thursdays in Black is a global campaign to end rape and violence all over the world. Join Global Ministries mission co-worker Brigitte Eale in praying for peace today and support microcredit projects by Global Ministries partners in Congo that help empower women.

Friday, October 21

On this Friday of Congo Week we celebrate Congolese culture through a cooking demonstration by mission co-worker Brigitte Eale, music, and a chance to purchase handicrafts from Congolese artisans.

Handmade Congolese crafts

Listen to music from our Congo Initiative