Congo Week 2020 Resources

Congo Week 2020 Resources

October 18-24, 2020, is Congo Week. Congo Week is an opportunity for education and celebration with Congolese siblings.

Sunday, October 18

Prayers for peace and resources for worship

To celebrate the beginning of Congo Week 2020 we have a number of prayer and worship resources including a recorded sermon from Rev. Melanie Ekofo, songs from CDCC choirs, a scripture reading in Lingala and a series of liturgies.

Greetings from Rev. Eliki Bonanga, President of the Community of Disciples of Christ in Congo

Greetings from Rev. Maurice Mondengo, Deputy Chief of Staff and Director of the Department of Communication and the Media for the Church of Christ in Congo

Monday, October 19

Celebrating ecumenism and partnership with the Community of Disciples of Christ in Congo

Christian Church in Indiana Congo Partnership – article and interview with Susan McNeely

The Church of Christ in Congo (ECC) and Protestant ecumenism in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

CDCC Health Priorities Project – June 2020 Update regarding their response to COVID-19 and the new Ebola outbreak in Mbandaka

The Disciples of Christ Congo Mission in Africa, 1938 historical pamphlet

Tuesday, October 20

Women and family life

Congo’s Young People: A Ray of Hope for the Future – article by Maurice Carney

CDCC Microcredit and Savings Project update, which discusses the CDCC Women and Family Department’s project of sewing masks

CDCC School Desk Project

Wednesday, October 21

Take action for justice

Participate in The Cell Out to raise awareness about the violence caused by mineral mining in the Congo. The Cell Out is a cell phone/electronics boycott held from 12pm – 1pm on the Wednesday of Congo Week to call attention to the use of rare minerals such as coltan in our electronic devices. The international sale of these minerals helps finance the continuing conflict in the region. Learn more about the minerals mined in Congo.

  • What can I say in my “Cell Out” voicemail/social media message?
    “Today from noon – 1:00 pm is the Congo Week “Cell Out.”  I am turning off my cell phone/electronic devices and sharing this message to call attention to the violent conflict over the Congo’s valuable natural resources. Rare minerals like coltan are used in electronic devices and the international sale of these minerals can finance the continuing conflict in the region. To learn more and take action visit:”

Advocacy Contexto – The Congo Mapping Project and the Nobel Laureate

Video message from Kambale Musavuli about Congo Week and the UN Mapping Report

Thursday, October 22

Join our webinar

Learn about the current socio-economic situation in Congo from experts on our webinar.

Friday, October 23

Celebrating Congolese culture

Makayabu Peanut Butter Sauce cooking demonstration video

Makayabu Peanut Butter Sauce Recipe

Handmade Congolese crafts

Listen to music from our Congo Initiative

Saturday, October 24

Updates and calls to prayer and advocacy from mission co-workers

Bryan Parrish

Rev. Brigitte Eale

Rev. Dr. Bosela Eale