Pray for Haiti on Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pray for Haiti on Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lectionary Selection: Luke 4:14 – 21

Prayers for Haiti

Dear Lord,

Your presence is always felt in Haiti, from the small child who smiles in your hope and likeness to the kindly pastor who leads his people to be disciples for you. We are so grateful and desirous of your continued presence in Haiti. To lend a comforting hand to the window who mourns, to give an embrace to an orphan, and to work for justice for prisoners, vulnerable women and children who remain in child slavery. You sent your only son to proclaim good news and the good news is that you are with us! Please continue to work through the leaders at CONASPEH as they expand their ministry throughout Haiti and continue with projects that will one day ensure a brighter future for the children, nurses and seminarians that attend school there. Thank you Lord for sending leaders like the bishops at CONASPEH who know the needs of their people and can respond with gentle love and faith in you that change will happen. Let them always know that you are present and real in their lives and the work that they are doing.


Mission Stewardship Moment from Haiti:

Jesus was a prophesy fulfilled; he came to save us from our sins and show the continued presence in our lives that God, the son and the Holy Spirit have. He was sent to bring good news, heal the sick, free the prisoners, make the blind see and free all those who are oppressed. In this way CONASPEH must feel like a prophesy fulfilled to the people of Haiti.

CONASPEH works to minister to the underserved in Haiti, through pastoral training, a seminary school to train new pastors and encourage discussion and progressive thought about the Christian faith. That’s good news!

CONASPEH works to make those who feel imprisoned or oppressed in their poverty to find a way out through micro-loans, housing projects, and lower school fees so that children can be sent to school and break the cycle of no education. That’s great news!

And CONASPEH develops new ideas and concepts for social healing. By developing plans for a cultural transformation center (the Fernidand Garcia Transformation Center),   cultural awareness to visitors from all nations that visit CONASPEH will be increased and relationships among Haitians and those who participate in People-to-People Pilgrimages will be built. This will do more than just strengthen bonds it will bring about social and cultural change to the way that we participate together in the mission of the church and Global Ministries. This is the BEST news!

 (Prayer and Mission Moment prepared by Katie Pickens)

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Katie Pickens, a member of Woodmont Christian Church, Nashville, Tennessee, served a one year term as a Long-Term Volunteer with the National Spiritual Council of Churches of Haiti (CONASPEH). She worked as a consultant and co-administrator of the Ferdinand Garcia Transformational Center of CONASPEH.