Pray with Puerto Rico, April 14, 2024

Pray with Puerto Rico, April 14, 2024

Lectionary Selection: Luke 24:36b-48

Prayers for Puerto Rico

God of Borinquen and the whole world, we praise your name because it reveals peace as our hope in Puerto Rico! We are thankful for your Spirit because it has given our lives a dynamic culture, the love of our people, and the ever-prevailing justice generations have pursued for the sake of our future. We ask for your strength and love to reach out to our communities amid their suffering, violence, and pain. May the power of the Gospel guide us as your church to reveal your presence so our sisters and brothers can feel and experience you through love, justice, service, and formation as you said, “It is I.” As disciples, people of the table, may we preach the fulfillment of the promise and ignite our action towards discipleship for the new generations, help us build a community for the elderly, motivate our hearts to serve within our schools, and continue our disaster relief efforts to restore our island since hurricane María. Let us be faithful and continue showing it is you. Allow us to continue to lead others toward your grace and become witnesses of Your love in Puerto Rico. In Jesus name, amén!

Mission Moment from Puerto Rico

Academias Discípulos de Cristo (Disciples in Puerto Rico)

An important part of our mission as Disciples in Puerto Rico is our evangelistic and educational efforts through our five schools in Bayamón, Hato Tejas, Toa Baja, Manatí, and Vega Alta. The interest of our schools is to affirm the importance of spiritual formation and educational experiences for the development of Puerto Rican families and congregations. Our schools integrate chapels and retreats, sports teams, science and math clubs, and arts, which result in a high college admissions rate that makes them a good option for education. This year, our central offices began an initiative to unite the five senior classes and provide them with a spiritual retreat as a spiritual mark on their transition to college. All of this is possible through the amazing work of administration, faculty, chaplains, parents, and the integration with the church.

Restoration efforts to stabilize PR after Hurricane María and Fiona

In collaboration with Week of Compassion and Puerto Rico VOAD, our central offices have joined forces to work on a relief project that educates our local churches to serve in natural disasters. The key mission is to become a long-term relief community. For this reason, we have been blessed with Week of Compassion’s efforts to sponsor a Community Stabilization Coordinator position. We pray that with this position and our church’s collaboration, we can work to restore our island!

Hogar Forjadores de Esperanza

For more than 30 years Forjadores de Esperanza has been a sponsored social impact service of the general church. Throughout its history, it served as a shelter for boys, helping them make a healthy transition into their vocational, social, academic, and spiritual lives. It has had amazing results in their development as chefs, lawyers, barbers, accountants, and engineers, among other professions. In 2021, the law for the protection of minors changed in Puerto Rico and Forjadores was forced to rethink its mission. It has blossomed into an educational space for Puerto Rican families. Now it serves as a violence prevention center and educational support for families, like single parents, recomposed families, caring grandparents, and other legal guardians. To continue bringing hope to new generations, Forjadores de Esperanza is always open for collaboration and donations that can secure their mission for years to come as witnesses of the Gospel!

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