Pray with Palestine, May 12, 2024

Pray with Palestine, May 12, 2024

Lectionary Selection:  John 17:6-19

Prayers for Palestine

Father, in heaven, we pray for all the countries in the Middle East where we, as the Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees (DSPR) Middle East Council of Churches (MECC), are trying to help Palestinians. We are praying for our beloved country, Lebanon, for the beautiful Jordan, for the heavily traumatized Gaza Strip, and for Palestinians everywhere. We live in one of the darkest times. It is like walking through dark clouds, and only Your light can illuminate our path. We are reminded daily that we are not of this world but are called to be a light in it, just as You are not of it. You have commissioned us to spread your love and peace to all we meet, especially those we serve through DSPR MECC. 

We hold in our hearts the entire team who selflessly dedicate themselves to serving our organization. We also remember with gratitude all those who help us, the donors and their supporters, and those who help spread our message of hope and good living. Lord, may Your love sustain us, and Your peace envelop us as we continue to serve you faithfully through our organization to help those who need us.

In these days of loss, mourning, and fear in Gaza, where families are scattered, innocent dreams and hopes are vanishing. Starvation and thirst dominate. We turn our faces to You, our Savior and Lord, O King of Peace and Giver of water that quenches all thirst, especially in these times of glorious resurrection. We look to You to light the way for us, for You are the morning star. Extend Your hand to halt this unjust war, to feed the hungry, to heal the sick who are abandoned due to the lack of medicine, and to grant peace, O King of Peace.

Mission Moment from Palestine

The Dbayeh camp for Palestinian refugees is situated 12 km East of Beirut. It is home to around 675 families. 75 Syrian refugee families were added in 2012 as a result of the Syrian war. Amid this camp lies the Joint Christian Committee library, which also serves as a community center. This center is a hub of activities, with various programs continuously being offered to support the community’s needs and requests. A few women recently requested to learn house repair skills as professional repairs have become expensive. A retired army veteran with experience in these matters in the army was recruited to do the training. Fifteen women gathered daily for three months to learn home improvement and maintenance. Through hands-on training, they learned the basics of electrical house wiring, replacing sockets, home appliance repair, and painting walls. The women reported later success in applying what they had learned in their homes but reported enjoying most the spirit of camaraderie and fun as they gathered every afternoon. 

Written by Sylvia Hadad, Executive Director DSPR JCC Lebanon, and
Nader Abu Amsha, Executive Director DSPR Central Office Jerusalem

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